Spencer Fisch Bio

374152_4129622432664_18654781_nSpencer Fisch, a Senior here at Sierra Nevada College majoring in Outdoor Adventure Leadership as well as Creative Writing, was one of the few who decided to join the water ski team and make it a point to ski as much as he possibly could.  With only eight days of skiing under his belt this year, Spencer has already skied in three tournaments and learned how to jump up to 46 ft.

Prior to SNC, Spencer had only been water skiing one or two times with his family and never through a course or off of a jump, mainly just free skiing around and seeing how long you can stay up.  Spencer told us, “I had always wanted to learn to wakeboard and truly conquer water skiing, however I had never had the chance to get out on a lake more than a couple of times as a child.  Due to a busy weekend schedule I could not join the team in the fall of 2014 but was able to join this spring, 2015, with a more lenient weekend schedule,” said Spencer.  After coming down to the San Diego Thanksgiving tournament, Spencer realized how fun it would be to join the team, I mean who doesn’t want the school to send us on all these trips down to SoCal to go camp out on a private lake?  Continue reading


Cal Poly Battle Royale

Screen shot 2015-04-22 at 3.01.47 PMAs the second tournament of the 2015 spring season came around the SNC Water Ski Team packed up their gear and sent it back on another trip to SoCal down to Arvin for the Cal Poly Battle Royale.

By some miracle, the SNC team had to take two cars down to this tournament because we actually had more than three people competing, thanks to the minimal amounts of snow in Tahoe. One car went down around two in the afternoon carrying Cory, Spencer, Francesca (a new member to the team), and myself. Some how I ended up forgetting my sleeping pad, pillow, and suitcase at home so I asked Cannon if he could grab my foam topper from my house that was on my bed and throw it in the bed of the truck and he said it was no problem so I didn’t really worry about it. Continue reading

Finding Practice

IMG_4813As the weekend between the Arizona State Spring Opener and the Cal Poly Battle Royale came around, Sierra Nevada College still has no place to practice in or around Lake Tahoe. Thanks to the Chico State team, we were able to go meet up with them at Carl Johnsons lake to help with a little yard work and go for a couple sets.

Saturday morning Spencer Fisch, Cannon O’Brien, and myself hopped into Spencer’s truck once again and sent it down to Chico to go take a few sets before our next tournament, but I don’t think any of us were thinking we were going to have as much fun as we did. We show up around 11:45 in the morning and the whole Chico team was there doing some yard work to help keep the lake and property looking nice. Right away we hopped on board and started pulling weeds from the garden and algae from the lake to help make everything look nice. People started walking by going, “John? Spencer? What the hell are you guys doing here?” as were pulling weeds out of the garden, wondering why SNC was helping out with their team clean up day, it was pretty funny. Continue reading

The Beginning

2014-09-28 12.44.17When Cory Johnson came to me last spring talking about how he wanted to get a water ski team going I thought about how cool it would be just to be able to get out on a boat on Lake Tahoe. Little did I know that I was signing up for some of the most fun I’ve had in my four years of being a student at Sierra Nevada College.

When the Fall semester of 2014 rolled around, Cory had already talked to some people about renting their boat for Tahoe as well as getting time on a private lake down in Carson that has a jump and slalom course. After going to both, we quickly decided free skiing on Tahoe wasn’t the best way to practice and that we all started to get pretty excited about our progression on the private lake. We definitely weren’t the best group of skiers on the lake, some of us still trying to ski for the first time, but we stuck to it and ended up learning pretty quickly.

Once it was time to head down to Chico we were a little under trained and under geared seeing as how we had three slalom skis, one pair of jump skis, and one trick ski for people varying in height from about 5’4”- 6’3”, men and women, but we were excited just to be there and see what collegiate water skiing was all about.

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