Finding Practice

IMG_4813As the weekend between the Arizona State Spring Opener and the Cal Poly Battle Royale came around, Sierra Nevada College still has no place to practice in or around Lake Tahoe. Thanks to the Chico State team, we were able to go meet up with them at Carl Johnsons lake to help with a little yard work and go for a couple sets.

Saturday morning Spencer Fisch, Cannon O’Brien, and myself hopped into Spencer’s truck once again and sent it down to Chico to go take a few sets before our next tournament, but I don’t think any of us were thinking we were going to have as much fun as we did. We show up around 11:45 in the morning and the whole Chico team was there doing some yard work to help keep the lake and property looking nice. Right away we hopped on board and started pulling weeds from the garden and algae from the lake to help make everything look nice. People started walking by going, “John? Spencer? What the hell are you guys doing here?” as were pulling weeds out of the garden, wondering why SNC was helping out with their team clean up day, it was pretty funny.

Once the work was done everyone was just hanging out on the dock, barbequing up some burgers, and hitting the diving board off of the second story of the boathouse. Spencer, Cannon, and I were talking and realized how much fun we were already having and that we haven’t even skied yet. Then during the BBQ, some of our friends were telling us about how we need to stay the night because they were having a water ski team party down the street after the BBQ and then were going to hit the town. With none of us ever actually going out in Chico before after being at SNC for four years, we decided we had to stay.

So we went out on the boat and worked on our sets, I made 3 buoys a few times, Spencer got up on the slalom ski and made three whole passes down the lake which was a huge improvement, and Cannon surprised us all by crushing five buoys with ease, almost making the whole course! Then we all hopped on the wakeboard for some fun and worked on our trick lines and some back flips

“The SNC Water Ski Team was able to have our second successful practice this spring with the hospitality of the Johnson family as well as the Chico Water Ski Team. The Water ski community has shown nothing but love to our new and thriving team, I can’t wait to see how we develop and where we can find a consistent place to practice near our school.” said Spencer Fisch.

Once we pulled the boat out of the water and whipped her down, we sent it over to the party down the street where we got to play a bunch of fun drinking games and meet some more new people. As the night went on we went to a couple parties and bars, walking down the street in a massive group of water skiers having a great time. By the end of the night everyone was beat, Spencer, Carl, and I got a cab back to Carl’s house and passed out. The next morning we packed up and started the drive back to Tahoe.

Of course Mother Nature had to wait until April to give us some snow, just to make the driving conditions sketchy. On the way back were driving down a windy road and see smoke pouring out of the woods. It was a car that slid out of control, smashed a tree and then spun out into the woods. Spencer pulls over real quick and I jumped out of our car and ran down to the crash, where I saw a man trying to get out of his car but he couldn’t because of the broken tree’s blocking his door. I hopped down the hill and grabbed his door pulling against the logs and helped the guy out of his car and up the hill to the road. Some how he was perfectly fine, just in shock, but that was definitely a wake up call for us to drive as carefully as possible. For the rest of the drive we saw at least three other accidents, one involving a women and her husband who pulled over to make sure everything was ok at the crash we stopped at. Thankfully we all made it home safe and sound but it was on sketchy drive. Now were all back at school, trying to get through this week as fast as possible so that we can get back on the road for the Cal Poly Battle Royale this weekend!


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