Cal Poly Battle Royale

Screen shot 2015-04-22 at 3.01.47 PMAs the second tournament of the 2015 spring season came around the SNC Water Ski Team packed up their gear and sent it back on another trip to SoCal down to Arvin for the Cal Poly Battle Royale.

By some miracle, the SNC team had to take two cars down to this tournament because we actually had more than three people competing, thanks to the minimal amounts of snow in Tahoe. One car went down around two in the afternoon carrying Cory, Spencer, Francesca (a new member to the team), and myself. Some how I ended up forgetting my sleeping pad, pillow, and suitcase at home so I asked Cannon if he could grab my foam topper from my house that was on my bed and throw it in the bed of the truck and he said it was no problem so I didn’t really worry about it.

Once I set up my tent we went out to dinner with the rest of the teams to a Mexican restaurant where I think we killed at least six bottles of tequila between the pitchers of margaritas, shots, and the waiters walking down the table pouring shots in our mouths for free while we were eating.

After dinner we all went back to the lake, started pulling booze from our tents, rolled out the IMG_4902kegs, and got the music going! Everyone rushed to the keg like it was a pile of gold, “let me get a cup!”, “let me do a keg stand!” you could tell the tequila was really kicking in at this point.

After partying for a bit Cannons truck showed up with him, Johanna, and Ian so we finally had the whole team together and I finally had my foam topper! Only problem was we got to the truck and I realize he didn’t grab my foam topper but my mattress instead. At the time in my drunken state I was pretty stoked seeing as how my tent was going to be as comfortable as my bed at home, but wasn’t really thinking about how dirty it was going to get…

Some how I ended up waking up before 7a.m. and made it to the captains meeting that morning then walked over to the car to make a good old bagel for breakfast. First event for the day was slalom, unfortunately the actual scores for the tournament aren’t up yet but Cory Johnson made two full passes through the course, almost making his third and I made my first full pass. Finally we got two girls out there, Francesca and Johanna, so we actually got our first girls scores ever. Spencer, Cannon, and Ian also did very well and I will post their scores on the Tournaments and results page as soon as they’re up. After slalom was trick and once again no scores are posted yet but everyone had great runs.

Once the boats were out of the water it was time to start drinking and getting ready for the Battle Royale! The theme of the party was LARPing or Live Action Role Play, so dressing up as knights, elves, or IMG_4912  c’s, ect. and battling it out. There were a decent amount of people dressed up in the proper attire but for the most part people just dressed up as really weird stuff like bunny’s, nuns, gypsy’s, and ISIS on vacation, Spencer painted his entire body green to be an elf which pretty funny.

After drinking a little more vodka and beer than a small herd of elephants should consume in under 24 hours I decided it was about time to send it to bed and get some sleep before jump the next day. Waking up the next morning I was moving a little slow and wasn’t stoked we had to pack everything up and switch lakes to get to jump because normally you have the whole day to pack, not 30 minutes right as you wake up. So we got all our gear loaded into the cars and headed over to the other lake for jump.

Francesca was the first of our team to hit the jump and she was our one person who had never gone so everyone was stoked to see how she would do. When she went in for her first jump she slipped back seat and fell on her side in the water, then came in on her second and third and road away like a champ! As tradition goes, on her ride down the lake for her third jump after she landed the second she got a nice shoreline of butts from everyone at the tournament. My jumps weren’t as good as I was hoping, I judged the speed wrong on my first jump so I let go of the rope and bailed out of my jump. On my second jump I cut as hard as I could and misjudged the speed again and hit the side curtain of the jump instead of the take off, flew into the jump, and bounced off of it, not the best I’ve ever done.Screen shot 2015-04-22 at 2.59.01 PM

After jump it was time to say our good byes, finish packing up the two cars, and once again start the drive up to Tahoe so we can catch the last weekend of skiing and snowboarding before our last tournament in Sacramento.


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